HOMEMADE: Pretty Paper Mobile

Sorry today’s post is a little late in the day- all of my days post exams are either filled with recovering or making the most of responsibility free time! Anyway, on to today’s project. Check out this cool paper mobile from Folksy (a website similar to Etsy). The project doesn’t say to use recycled papers but I think brightly coloured packaging or old magazines would make a funky mobile, as well as being environmentally friendly. Have fun making lots of different types, I know I will. If you don’t fancy making them yourself but love the look then keep an eye on my Etsy shop, you’ll see them on there very soon- requests for colour, pattern or paper used are welcome!

Side note: thanks for bearing with me with the blog updates, I promise they’ll be coming along soon it’s just taking a while for me to get back on my feet post exams.


HOMEMADE: Folded paper flowers

This week’s home-made post comes from a blog I’ve only just found called Metal and Mud. I think these flowers look terrific as well being a great way to recycle papers. They’ll make a pretty decoration or centre piece.  Why not put them inside dressed up jars (find that project here). I can’t wait to try making them with lots of different patterned papers and in different sizes.

All you’ll need is: paper, glue, wire and some clips. Find the instructions here.