BBC HD and cucumber sandwiches

As I am sure you are tired of hearing, it was the Royal wedding yesterday. Although I am not a Royalist, definitely not a monarchist, or even  a fan of the Royal family, I did watch nearly all of the coverage and took part in the celebrations. The media have more than covered all of the highlights so I’ll restrain from cooing over the dress and giving a moment by moment commentary, instead I’ll give the best things about the wedding, some silly details, and then more seriously, the flip side of the celebrations, almost completely unmentioned by the media.

I’m pretty sentimental, probably why I enjoyed the day a bit too much, so I loved the tributes to Diana. Will gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring (obviously didn’t see it as a bad omen) and they played ‘Guide me, O Great Redeemer’ as her tribute to the princess (the hymn was played at her funeral).

The Welsh elements of wedding also went down well here. Firstly, the couple chose a piece from a completely unknown Welsh composer, Paul Mealor to be played at the wedding. Will also held up the tradition of giving Kate a wedding band made from Clogau gold. Since 1923, royal wedding bands have been made from the pink gold mined from St.David’s mine in North Wales. The women in my family have quite a lot of Clogau gold jewelery, it’s like the Bennetts and the Royal family shop in the same jewelers. Ha.

Kate didn’t vow to obey Will- good woman in my opinion. What do you think? BUT she did wear a veil, although I seriously doubt she was a virgin. Your wedding day is the only day in your life when you will be able to wear a veil, I’m glad she stuck with tradition and wore it personally.

Princess Beatrice with her monstrous hat

At my sister’s party, we ran through the whole BBC coverage again to identify the best and worst outfits. Vicky B won best hat, and no guesses who got worst. I thought it would be the lady with the wedding cake hat, but Beatrice had slipped under my radar- what an absolute blunder. Someone buy the woman a mirror- clearly her blood and fortune have not bought her taste. Are there any fans of the hat?

Is Pippa smaller than a size 8?

On another superficial criticism, how skinny are the Middleton women? They must not have eaten for months. More seriously though, the Royal cleaners went on strike the day before the wedding to ask for their wages to be risen to average rate for a cleaner in London. At the moment the cleaners are paid £6.45 per hour, a whole £1.40 per hour less than the average cleaner in London. The strike barely received any attention from the media however, and so is largely unheard of.

And the other big controversial point is the decision not to invite previous Prime Ministers Blair and Brown. This is allegedly because they are not Knights of the Garter, unlike Thatcher and Major. At Charles and Diana’s wedding, all living Prime Ministers were invited though. Simon Schama, interviewed on the BBC, said this was a

Vicky B's lovely hat

mistake because all PMs play a big role in British history, they add to the country and nation we are, and since the wedding was clearly purposefully a very British affair, with all traditions upheld, it seems rude not to have invited them.  What do you think?

Did you watch the coverage or just enjoy the day off from work? How did you celebrate or boycott? Or are you just simply sick and tired of hearing about it, and glad the whole thing is finally over?

For my international readers, I’m dying to hear your thoughts about the wedding. The American film about Will and Kate was given awful reviews here, that is not anywhere near representative of British life! Just a heads up…