A Child’s Easter in Wales

Hope you all appreciate the pun in the title of this post. I thought some of my international readers might enjoy finding about Easter here in Wales (part of the UK), so here are a few of the best bits of my week at home.

St.Teilo's Church, Llandeilo

My parents live just outside of the town, Llandeilo, so we attend St.Teilo’s. I have a friend who is a Jehovah Witness, we chatted about about how great it is to be a part of a close-knit community. It’s lovely going to Church and seeing friends of all different ages.

My best friend Non came over to catch up and we went to visit our high school art teacher and her 6 month old baby, Jude. I’m really not a baby person but Jude is such a cutie. I think he enjoyed having the full attention of 3 women for the afternoon. I wanted to take him home.

One of Llandeilo’s highlights is Heavenly– a handmade ice cream and chocolate shop. Paul and I treated each other to one of their yummy handmade eggs. My grandma spoiled us with a ice-cream too. They do deliver some products if you’re tempted…

Easter Sunday- Paul and I set up an easter egg hunt for his little sisters

And I always love going home to see these guys….

Archie helping out with my knitting

Phoebe and Meg getting some shut eye


What a tease

It’s the little things: FAMILY

I just spent a happy afternoon with my family yesterday. We’ve all been going through a rough couple of years for a lot of different reasons, in fact things have gotten worse instead of better. My parents came to visit me and my sister, and our significant others. We went to a pub have a very British (and delicious) Sunday roast carvery. There was nothing especially luxury about our afternoon, we didn’t spend much money at all but we all had big smiles on our faces, we couldn’t stop chatting, and, most of all, we all felt happy. There’s never a better afternoon to be spent than among family, especially if they’re also your friends.

It was my mummy’s birthday this week so we were celebrating that a bit belated. The biggest present Paul and I gave to my mum was a family tree. I saw a similar project on a blog; I tweeked and changed what I needed to so it would be just right for my mum. My parents are notoriously hard to buy presents for, I wanted to give my mum something that would make her smile, something she might actually use. We decided to make her a family tree so that she can remember, every time she looks at it, that we are so lucky to have family (I’ve known a lot of people recently who have lost loved ones by sudden deaths, and divorces), and that these tough times have brought us closer together, and we will get through everything that life sends our way as a family, all of us together.

It’s a simple little thing, family, but your family are able to completely shatter your life or become your rock in tough times. It’s so easy to cut someone down when you know all the buttons to press. It’s sad to say but through my own experience, and my friends, I have found that rejection by a family member hurts so much more, and cuts so much deeper than any friend could do. This post may seem overly sentimental to some, but I couldn’t help but remark on the stark change in mood after yesterday. It really is the best thing in life. Having said all of this, I do also have some friends who feel like family, because they have been such a good friend to me, so loyal, so understanding, they have acted in ways I could have only expected from family. Hope this post reminds you too of friends and family you love dearly and always make you smile.

P.s. We also watched the Ireland vs. France rugby game together too, so expect some thoughts from Paul later this week.