SIMPLE PLEASURES: a good cup of coffee

There is nothing quite like the first sip of a good cup of coffee. Tea drinkers have no idea what they’re missing. I have gotten quite fussy with coffee and I’m not fond of instant, I hate that taste it leaves in your mouth, and that it never has the full coffee flavour. The best way to make coffee is definitely in a percolator but I will settle for a caffetiere. Most of the time I drink instant because it’s so easy but if I had a choice, I’d always make proper coffee. That’s why I got pretty excited when Kenco claimed they had made a ‘whole bean instant’ that was just as good as proper coffee. ‘Milicano’ has been a big let down for me, sadly, I have been taken in by advertising again. Sigh. It is just another bog standard instant “coffee” (they use that term loosely). The only instant coffee I have tried which comes close to the wonderful flavour of real coffee is Starbuck’s ‘Via’. It’s very pricey though so I only have it on special occasions.

Source: Google images

As a creature of habit, when I find a good coffee shop, I stick to it like glue. At the moment, my favourite coffee is No.1 Coffee’s Guatemalan blend. Maybe someday I’ll have a wonderful machine like Cato’s in The Green Hornet which can make me an amazing cup of coffee to wake up to…

What’s your favourite coffee? Are you as fussy about coffee as me, or just think I’m snobby?

Side thought: I love that scene in Elf when Buddy goes into the coffee shop to congratulate them because they have a sign saying ‘America’s no.1 coffee’ or something.