St. Dwynwen’s Day

You probably have never heard of St. Dwynwen, she is Wales’ patron saint of love. Dydd Santes Dwywen (St. Dwynwen’s day) is celebrated on the 25th of January. Like Valentine’s day, cards and gifts are given by people to their loves.

St. Dwynwen’s story is mainly known through folktales and Celtic stories. People did not write her story down because it was thought to be a virtue to pass the tale through word of mouth- isn’t that romantic?  You can read four different versions of Dynwen’s story on Wikipedia (link below), but the essence of her story is that she wasn’t able to marry the man she loved. She begged an angel to thaw her love because it hurt so much; Mealon (her lover) was frozen in a block of ice by the angel. But God gave her three wishes, she asked for to unfreeze Maelon and for him to be happy, and, lastly, that she would never marry. All three were granted. Dynwen became a nun and left her island (Anglesey) to devote her life to helping others through love and sadness.

Celebrating St. Dwynwen’s day has risen in popularity lately, even Tesco have started printing welsh cards for the day! You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to spread the love, tell someone you love them today.

You can even learn to say it in welsh: Dw i’n caru ti, or download a card to give them from here:

Wikipedia page: