Simple things

I am a great lover of the simple pleasures in life. As the saying goes, the best things in life really are free….sometimes….

I am going to start this page off by posting things that I like, but I would really like to do guest entries or even just take ideas from you if you don’t feel like writing a post yourself. Pop any ideas in the comments box below, don’t be shy, just tell me one little or silly thing that always brings a smile to your face.

6 thoughts on “Simple things

  1. Some small things:
    Having a whole room to myself
    Being able to walk all the way around my bed
    A real cupboard with room for dresses to hang
    Get well soon cards
    My filing cabinet (I am a bit addicted to organising and labelling)
    Breakfast in bed (there has to be something good about being sick)
    Hats that hide bad hair.

  2. The smell of hot coffee in the morning, favorite songs, getting lost in a city I visit for the first time, accomplishing more than I expected, a good relaxing massage, dancing until sunrise, favorite perfume, cuddling, a montagne russe, the sea/ocean, surprising my friends…
    What about you?

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