I’m a big fan of recycling and home-made gifts. There is a wealth of great blogs and websites run by amazing creative people, every other Wednesday, I’ll be posting a new project, sometimes my own ideas, sometimes other people’s idea.

As a general guideline, start collecting:


a sewing kit

cardboard packaging

ice cream pots with round lids

super glue or a glue gun: glue guns are fairly inexpensive now, I bought mine for about £10 from John Lewis

scraps of colourful and decorative paper: packaging and used gift wrap are the best things to keep

scraps of material

Pritt glue stick

masking tape, sellotape, and double-sided sticky tape

paint: acrylic works best, cheap sets can be bought from big supermarkets like Tesco or all craft and art suppliers


Pretty crockery turned into even prettier things

DIY Fabric gift tags

Mother’s day gift flower

Fairtrade chocolate puddings

Paper bunting

Valentine Keepsake

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