SUMMER READ: Introduction and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

Every summer I need to read at least one light hearted book, something that helps me escape to a foreign country or romantic city- something exciting. If you are going on holiday, or more importantly if you are not, you need to buy a least book this summer- you can buy them really cheaply from Amazon.  If you are stuck for a choice, then I’d like to help you, look out for more posts with my recommendations and reviews. My first recommendation is…

Eat, Pray, Love– Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is perfect for anyone who feels like they are stuck in a rut, but just as well matched for someone who only wants to be transported to a pizzeria in Italy. Gilbert writes in such a natural way, you feel as though you are having a chat over coffee with a friend. Liz has realized that she is unhappy, despite being surrounded by what should feel like success- a husband, a nice car, a very handsome income. She writes her journey from the decision to end her marriage, through a terrible divorce, and then on to the year she spent travelling. You may have seen the film, but in a lot of ways it doesn’t do the book justice; there isn’t the necessity for a happy ending or a lovers tiff, the book is raw and honest. Perhaps the biggest thing missing from the film is that Gilbert shows the people she loves, as they really are, which is flawed, it’s difficult to do that in film without making that person ‘the baddie’. Gilbert’s story is refreshing, she doesn’t write about a fairytale gap year where everyone she meets changes her life, and is the nicest, most interesting person ever. The reviews of this book, mine included, all agree that this book is inspiring, no matter how dissimilar your life is from Liz’s, you cannot help but ask the questions she does, about yourself. The book is split into 108 miniature stories, which means the book is easy to pick up and put down without feeling lost.