The Coffee House

The coffee house is a place to chill out and relax so pop the kettle on and have a look around. Join the book club, find a good film, or make something yourself. For the bit more energetic among you, jump in to a debate in one of my posts. I try to keep an open-mind and get up to date with current affairs. Feel free to post your own views in the comments box or just use the posts as food for thought.I have strong views on justice and the welfare state but, as a politics student, I’m always open to have my own beliefs pulled apart and tested.

And lastly, for big sporting events, there will be guest posts from my sport enthusiast boyfriend. Whether you don’t understand sport but would like to know more, or you love sport and want to discuss comments and ideas, there will be something for everyone. As we’re Welsh (and British for my international readers), he’ll be mainly posting about the sports here- rugby is our favourite.

My name is Katie. I live in the capital city of Wales, Cardiff and study politics at Cardiff University.I live in a little flat, with my best friend and boyfriend, Paul. I love baking, reading, films and re-using ,whether to make something new or re-brand as vintage.

I do believe there isΒ  such a thing as society, although it can hard to spot these days.

4 thoughts on “The Coffee House

  1. Hi! It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you – you have a great blog! Thanks for stopping by Maybe Next Week πŸ™‚

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