Jesus wasn’t a homophobe so why are you?

Last November, Paul Davies, decided to get baptised as a public declaration of his commitment to God. For months before that, Paul wrestled with the desire to become a Christian and part of Church, against his strong beliefs that homosexuality is not a choice, but is natural. He wrote the following article for a special issue of ‘Quench’ on LGBT+ about the way the in which some Churches have treated LGBT+.

Christianity has for a long time been one of the most prominent anti-gay institutions. As a Christian, I find this deeply upsetting. Homophobia goes against my faith which teaches me that God loves everyone. In fact, if you’re going to take one single message from the Bible, it should be a message of love. Jesus didn’t condemn anyone, except religious leaders, so the Church has no place doing it either. Despite my feeling on this, I’m well aware that I’m in the minority. The majority of Christians still condemn homosexuality.

I’m thankful to admit that this is starting to change. I was inspired to write this article when I heard about a group of Christians who attended a gay pride march in Chicago. I know what you’re thinking. A group of not just Christians, but American Christians, at a gay pride march sounds like a recipe for disaster. I’m glad to say that it wasn’t. The group were holding up banners apologising for the way the church had treated homosexuals. Their apology sparked a fantastic response from the marchers. There were tears, waving and even one dancer left the march to hug the Christians.

For me, the image is heart warming. There’s a lot of media attention for Christians who condemn homosexuality. Such as the crazy Westbro Baptist Church who claim that ‘God hates Fags’. (By the way, don’t be too offended by the Westbro nut jobs, apparently god also hates Sweden as well, because of the ‘Satanic IKEA’.)

It’s rare to see such a powerful display of acceptance from Christians. This is partly because anti-gay Christians are a lot more vocal, and partly because the media would rather report on condemnation than acceptance. In the summer some of the people in my church went to a gay bar because they had karaoke. The staff were shocked that Christians would want to go there but we hadn’t given it a second thought. The crazies are much few and far between but we’re all quite likely to have heard about their shameful campaigns.

The truth is that there are many Christians, particularly the young future leaders of the church, who find the idea of condemning homosexuals repulsive and morally wrong. Many see that the homosexuality of the Bible and of today is completely different.  In the Bible when homosexuality is mentioned it is in the context of rape or extra marital affairs. This is a historical difference in culture and language which has tainted Christianity over the years. The word homosexuality didn’t exist when the Bible was written, so the relations referred to are not the same as we would understand homosexuality now. Christians need to accept and understand this, like they have over issues such as slavery.

The future’s bright for acceptance within the church. We’re starting to see the cobwebs being brushed off. The more modern, independent Churches are already changing the religious Christianity, not the message, but the man-crafted ideology that has corrupted the real message of Christ. The old institutions are going to either change, or die along with their congregation.

There is so much more to say on this issue, this really is just a brief article about this topic, especially with the recent prevalence of the gay marriage debate. Please feel free to express your views on this post in the comments box below but do so with respect.

6 thoughts on “Jesus wasn’t a homophobe so why are you?

  1. Interesting article, and some very good points raised. It is a sad fact that some people, who supposedly represent the Church, misrepresent the Word of God and treat other human beings in a way that completely contradicts the teachings of Christ. The group you mentioned above, the Westbro Baptist Church, is a perfect example of how Jesus DID NOT conduct his ministry.

    However, while I wholeheartedly agree with your principle of love and acceptence of all people, this article lends itself to the view that homosexuality is not a choice and that the lifestyle is acceptable to God, and with that I cannot agree. I don’t believe ‘God hates gays’ – on the contrary, homosexuals are precious souls to God, for whom Christ died. But the Bible is very clear on what God thinks of homosexuality (1 Corinthians 6:9-10 – New Testament).

    Without being religious about the subject, I think Christians need to be careful not to compromise what the Bible says while being accepting of all people.

    I’ve included a link to an article you may find interesting:

  2. Whle I think you make many valid points I think your last sentence is offensive and threatening – I’m a great supporter of what I can only guess that you that you mean by ‘old institutions.’.’The old institutions are going to either change, or die along with their congregation’ I think is a fascist statement implying that because people don’t believe what you do, they’re going to ‘die.’ What do you mean by ‘along with their congregations’ anyhow? If you mean depleting numbers, well that definately doesn’t mean a congregation’s death – Jesus’ desciples own went from 12 to 11, and they still amnaged to change the world, even after they were slowly picked off and crucified by the authorities. The issue of your own sexuality and what you think of about other people’s is a deeply personal thing, and also a deeply spiritual thing requiring the guidence and grace of God, particularly within the church. Your comments that the ‘old institutions’ need to change their atitude displays I think a lack of understanding about what is thought in the ‘old[er] institutions’.today. In condeming these ‘old institutions’ for what you think they believe I would put to you as exactly the same as your criticism of them condeming homosexuals and people who support homosexuals. I’m for freedom of belief, religion, speech and expression – and that includes people who don’t think the same as I do, I suggest you join me here.

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