When the chips are down

In the last few weeks I have gone through a really bad patch with my illnesses. Whenever this happens, I try to keep my spirits high by forming habits like writing down three things everyday that I am thankful for, or a list of activities I can do when I get bored. At the moment I’m trying to think of easy one-day projects I could do.I love little projects, especially creative ones, but I often get bored before I complete them so I’m trying to stick to attempting do something which will only take one or two days, and not much energy. We all have little things we like to do when the chips are down, what are your favourite things to do when you’re sick? Any ideas for my one day projects?

3 thoughts on “When the chips are down

  1. Try listening to or watching a preach online, learning about a new bible character or praying into a situation. I like to explore and unpack previously untapped areas of Christianity and God’s character and challenging myself to grasp a deeper meaning for my faith of my God. I also like to learn about world events or places I know nothing about. Past or present or an area of science it hadn’t occured to me to find out about previously. You could try learning the basics of a new language. Maybe like a basic conversation and 1-10 in as many languages as possible. Just some ideas.

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