SIMPLE PLEASURES: A room to call my own

This is Talybont court- the nicer part of the complex. I lived in the horrid Talybont North

When my family moved from the city to the countryside, the farm my parents bought had enough bedrooms for me and my sister to have our own. Even though I was only 5, I remember so clearly that feeling of having a space that was entirely your own- the excitement about being able to decorate it exactly how I wanted. Even though I went for pink walls with Forever Friends bear (it was the girly craze at the time) decorative stickers, it still felt unique to me. So when, Kiwichat said having a room to herself was one of the little things she loved, I thought “yup, me too!”

I got a similar feeling when I moved out of my home to go to university. Everything about my room was un-sentimentally standard- there were thousands of identical rooms in the complex. The room was painted a dull blue, the furniture was ugly and boy was it small. I loved that little flat though, once I got my own stuff up on the shelves and decorated my pin board, it began to feel mine. I can’t imagine someone else living there now. And, every room I visited was different, the inhabiting student had personalized it (even the manliest of guys)- there’s something in our nature that wants to make our “nest” our own, unique and individual.

How about you- do you like having your own room? When was the first time you got your own room?

3 thoughts on “SIMPLE PLEASURES: A room to call my own

  1. Can’t remember exactly when I moved into my own room at my parents, I do remember it was tiny though. Then I got ‘upgraded’ to a much bigger one when we had our extension. That’s the room I remember as my first room as I was able to completely change it – had the walls painted purple and totally covered one wall in Buffy posters! When I went to uni, although the room was tiny and horrid breezeblocks, I definitely felt it was my own. I think since then I have put my stamp wherever I go – I like my stuff and while I don’t think it defines me, it certainly defines my space.

  2. I shared a room with my older sister for a bit, and then I got my own–the smallest room in the house (seriously, the size of a large closet). It had a special custom-built loft bed my dad had made to fit into the space. It was blue with a unicorn border around the top, which I could see very clearly from the loft bed. I totally loved it, and I still have a strong connection with the spaces I live in. I love making anonymous spaces feel homey and take a lot of pride in my home!

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