How to customise your DNA

What's your blueprint?

We all have DNA, some of it determines our physical appearance, some it our chance of getting certain illnesses, and some of it maybe even determine parts of our character. The nature vs. nurture argument asks how much of our character is based on our genes and how much on our environment? Scientists have not been able to develop an exact percentage. Even to some extent, the nurture side of our character is out of hands too because it is based on our experiences but at least part is based on who we want to be. It may take a while but we can shape our character to be whatever we want it to be.

This evening I went to a Church my sister has been going to for a few weeks called Freedom Church. At the Church’s heart there is what they call DNA. Their “genes” include: punching above our weight, wildfire, the shirt of my back, relentless reaching, among others. The DNA is a list of all the things the Church and its members aspire to, the blueprint for their lives. It got me thinking about my DNA, and who I want to be. Am I shaping into the woman I always hoped I would be?

What is your DNA and which parts would you like to change?


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