I know what you did last summer

What will you do this summer?

What will you do with your summer? If you are in education, summer is a big stretch of open time, this might be one of the only times you can throw yourself into something you love without any responsibilities. Summer is not just for us students though.

My university newspaper had a series of features by different people who explained what they were doing this summer. Some were big exciting travels, others had internships but you don’t have to do something massive to make this summer count. You don’t have to do the traditional things, you could do something as small as reading that book that’s been gathering dust or learn how to make jam- or even something less geeky! Even if you’re not student or do have lots of responsibilities take advantage of the long days and that bit of extra energy that everyone seems to magically acquire in the summer. I have a friend who is finishing her novel, my boyfriend is learning to drive. One of my biggest goals is to do all of the things I said I would do when I moved to Cardiff and never got around to. Even though I still have essays and exams I am also going to attempt some stuff that I almost don’t want to share. I am going to bite the bullet and finally set up my own Etsy shop. That’s the reason behind the lack of ‘homemade’ posts, I have been throwing all my creative energies into making products. Well now I’ve shared, it’s your turn- What will you do to make this summer count?

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