Hi I’m Katie and I am addicted to stationery

PaperJunkie sell beautiful, unique journals in their Etsy store, click on the picture for a link

Does your heart beat a bit faster when you enter a stationery store? Are you filled with the hope when beginning a new notebook? Is there always some form of paper and writing implement in your bag? If you answered yes to these questions, you are not alone…

At any given moment there will between 3-7 brand new notebooks in my desk drawer. I have about 70 filled notebooks, having kept a journal since I was about 7. When I saw a post on Freshly Pressedwith a similar title to this post my boyfriend’s first words were “I bet you have way more notebooks”. The comments showed that I was not alone in my weird obsession with stationery. Other people are filled with excitement when they enter Paperchase and have spent more than they should admit on a notebook. This knowledge has only encouraged me so when I needed a new diary this month you can imagine the perils of my Internet shopping- Filofax or Moleskine? A pocket size would take up much less room in my handbag but where would I keep flyers, letters, invitations? I have managed to customise my own perfect (or so I hope) organisational system while Paul is content to simply use his iPhone (an idea that fills me with horror). I am safe in the truth that I can attribute this weird fascination to a writer’s trait, and maybe someday someone will publish my journals and people will love to read them,

Da Vinci kept journals on a variety of different subjects

just like Da Vinci. Or perhaps there will be some national emergency which only my meticulously organised diary can save… I think that latter is more likely. But for now we will no longer hide, stationary lovers will stand side by side shamelessly and we will freely check paper quality and circle around a store several times until we decide on which overpriced notebook to buy. Do not be afraid my comrades. Vive la revolution!

What are your favourite notebooks? What do you use them for?


4 thoughts on “Hi I’m Katie and I am addicted to stationery

  1. I once made my Dad drive with me all the way to Swansea to get a new notepad because none in Carmarthen/Trostre/Fforest Fach were good enough.

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