HOMEMADE: Jar Dress Up

I haven’t posted anything in ‘homemade’ for a while because I have been working hard on something creative behind the scenes. I do see great projects everyday across the internet on various blogs so instead of getting rid of the section all together I will regularly point you towards some of those projects. The first of these are some pretty decorated jars using only things which you have around the house.

DIY: Mason Jar Dress Up Today's DIY project comes from Wednesday Design. Such a pretty and simple way to dress up inexpensive mason jars. It takes the idea of the mason jar up to a new standard. You could easily coordinate your mason jar's "accessories" with colors from your event. All that is needed to create theses mason jars: yarn, lace, ribbon, burlap and the Wednesday custom fabric flowers (click here for tutorial). Simply secure the faric to the jar using the yarn … Read More

via events by SOCIAL GRACES


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