The reason Ugly Betty made her own magazine

You might well be wondering why I haven’t blogged for a whole month. In honesty I am not completely sure where my time has gone but a mix of exams, planning celebrations of my boyfriend’s birthday, family stuff and the addition my illnesses (which slow me down) and I remember it’s no wonder I haven’t had time to blog, let alone work on my writing and other projects. I must admit as well that I have been on holiday, so sympathy is hardly necessary…

Which magazine to pick?

Yesterday I went shopping, one of my favourite things to do is go into WH Smith and look at their extensive range of magazines, the racks in Cardiff take up about a third of the ground floor, and (eventually) pick one out. I really love spending an hour or so just chilling out and flicking through a magazine, I even bookmark them like when I read a book. I couldn’t settle on a choice yesterday though, magazines are so expensive these days so I want to make sure I choose well. My boyfriend, quickly losing patience, asked what I was looking for. I started reeling off all the things that I liked and about different magazines when it occurred to me the magazine I want doesn’t exist- sometimes I’m a bit slow on the uptake. There’s no way around it, in order to make your perfect magazine you have to buy a lot of them or make sacrifices.

 Some of my favourite magazines and the parts I like:

Marie Claire– has interesting articles about big issues, not just the typical superficial articles, the first copy I bought had an article about a writer’s journey to becoming more frugal, looking at the positive effect the economic recession can have on your spending. They also have a scheme to help women reach their ambitions, people whose applications were successful are given a expert mentor in the appropriate field. They hold events and have features to help the readers who don’t have mentors, my friend and I attended a ‘how to get published’ event.

Country Living– I grew up in the countryside so I always get that

Country Living

warm, fuzzy, sentimental feeling in my belly just seeing pictures of idyllic scenery, and I love reading about other people’s lives in the grassy, sheep filled parts of the UK. Last month’s copy had some a really interesting article about a family who live on a barge and have a small holding. I have a lot of admiration for people who manage to be self sufficient. I love the craft pages too.

Look– has pages about how to manage to keep up with fashion a low budget. I saw a dress one week which caught my attention and I managed to buy it online to go to a wedding. The dress was actually only online at the time, the print appeared on a skirt in my local New Look a month or so later, it was more expensive than my dress. I did get lots of compliments when I have worn the dress- I never would have found it online without seeing it in the magazine.

Glamour's Adele cover

Glamour– my favourite page is ‘Hey it’s ok to…’ with a list of lots of things women dare not to say they actually do. It always makes me giggle. I also like the interviews and some of the articles which are less serious than Marie Claire’s, for example one month they debated about the effects of online social sites on friendships. This month I got a free tester pot of Benefit’s ‘High Beam’ (they have great free gifts which are worth looking out for) and the Adele interview was really interesting. Every year they have women of the year awards and interview the winners of each category which is quite often inspiring.

Vogue– I love just looking at the advertisements let alone the rest of the fashion in the magazine, even though everything is way out of prince range- a girl can look and admire. I try hard not to keep every magazine I buy and often cut out articles, pictures, etc to stick in my journal or give to another person but I always keep my Vogues in perfect condition, they’ll be like my own archive of fashion in a few decades.

I do also love reading the magazines which come with the broad sheet newspapers, they are a great way to read good book reviews, find out about events which other magazines don’t tend to print, and read interesting or comical columns.

Tip: All About You is a website which covers a lot of magazines, it’s a great resource for every aspect of women’s magazines, recipes, craft, fashion, reviews, feature articles, etc, etc.

Do you have a favourite magazine? What do you look out for? Do you buy digital magazines instead of printed copies?


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