Rated: PG

My rating: 7/10

IDMB rating: 7.6

83% of the audience liked it (Rotten Tomatoes)

Watch if you like: Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk,X-Men

Based loosely on the Norse god and the Marvel comic book, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is a warrior, soon to replace his father as king, but his arrogance leads to his banishment from the kingdom of Asgard. He is sent to live amongst the humans, falling from the sky he is discovered by Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), an astrophysicist.

Marvel fans should add this film to their collection. As a keen lover of Marvel films, but with little knowledge of the comic books, I really loved this film. I can’t speak about how good this film is compared to the comics, but even if it pales in comparison, the film by itself is great and made me all the more excited about the upcoming Avengers film. If you know what the Avengers are, then stay to the end of the credits, they’re long but well worth waiting through for the clip at the end.

If you’re not a comic book film fan then you might not enjoy Thor as much as the ratings suggest. The storyline is predictable, the film drags on for too long, and you will cringe at the clichés. The film does have amazing graphics though, definitely worth shelling out the extra cash to watch it in 3D, even the graphics in the credits are amazing. And, on a superficial point, very nice seeing Hemsworth with his top off- wow.

Favourite quote:

“A wise king never seeks out war but he must always be ready for it”

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