Easter for athiests

Did you have a nice Easter? I went home to see my family so I didn’t get to write many blog posts last week. The weather has been far too lovely here in Wales to be sat inside typing away at the computer. Hope you had a nice weekend and managed to complete lent. Despite many-a-messy-hair day I stuck through the 40 days and have barely used my GHDs since. I hope my hairdresser will be pleased with the condition of my hair next week. Like Lent, Easter has something to offer everyone outside of chocolate eggs and hot-cross buns.

As my family are Christians, we went to Church a few times over the weekend and Easter is a big deal for us. Thinking over the message of Easter, I realized that, like Lent, Easter has a message for everyone, even if you’re an atheist or a member of another faith.

For Christians, the cross symbolizes the love God has for humanity (He sent His Son to pay the price for our sins), forgiveness and transformation. I think most of us would that there are many parts of our character which leave a lot to be desired. Lent encourages us to develop self-control which prepares us to transform ourselves at Easter. Most people make resolutions at the beginning of the year, why not start a tradition of making resolutions at Easter? My plan is to make resolutions which change my character, less superficial than new year’s though. Instead of resolving to loose weight or read more, make resolutions to be more generous or less judgmental.

Why don’t you join me? Is there something you’d like to change?


2 thoughts on “Easter for athiests

    • Glad you like the idea Kimmie. Forgiveness is definitely a toughie. I am very stubborn and hate apologising, especially if I still think the other person is wrong. I guess forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean saying that what the person has done is not wrong but just acknowledging we all have faults and make mistakes. Good luck! xx

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