Beauty is on the inside and other cliches

I’ve been thinking a lot about definitions of beauty lately, and have come to the time-honoured conclusion- true beauty is on the inside. Beauty on the outside is important too though, and while nature certainly plays a part, up-keep is half the battle. The right skincare, make-up, hair conditioner, etc can have a big influence on our beauty. If you smile you will look beautiful, if you take care of your skin, you’ll look even better. Although it may be inconvenient, beauty takes maintenance.  Am I right? Or just superficial?

This came to my mind because it is expensive to be pretty, the best make-up doesn’t come cheap, and at 20 I already need a whole host of products to keep my skin in good condition, and prevent wrinkles. The real question is how far you are willing to go- beauty costs time, money and sacrifice. For me, I have a daily skincare routine and I usually put hair and make-up on if I leave the house, but I’d never have cosmetic surgery or use a sun bed. I’d probably rather buy clothes, books, or food, than get a spray tan or have manicures. I hope every girl/woman has a least one day a week when they don’t wear make-up, and “let themselves go”, especially younger girls. My boyfriend always jokes that my shower routine takes so long that we’ll run out of water, I don’t hear him complaining when my hair is shiny from deep-conditioning, and my skin soft from exfoliating. I buy nearly everything from Lush because they use natural products so my sensitive skin never reacts badly to their products, and I’d rather not put chemicals on my face everyday. Clothes and accessories are a whole different topic to get into- a topic for another day.

Do you have a daily routine? Or do you have much better things to do than straighten your hair every morning? I used to be proud of my messy hair in school because I used the time to read instead of cracking out my GHDs every morning.


5 thoughts on “Beauty is on the inside and other cliches

  1. As you know, I agree with this – we need to focus on the inside but it makes you feel better inside and out to take some care with yourself and treat yourself to some pampering! I can’t leave the GHDS alone though 🙂

    • Oh I am counting down the days until I can use mine again. I was feeling quite ill today, and wallowing self pity but painting my nails cheered me up. Hope you’re feeling a bit more self confident and tracked down that lip gloss 🙂 x

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