FILM REVIEW: Submarine

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Based on the novel by Joe Dunthorne

While the 1980s was full of money for the stockbrokers in the city, full of anger in mining communities and saw the rise of the ‘power woman’. In a little village in South Wales, Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) could not be further removed from all of these things. In an Adrian Mole style diary narration, we get a sneek peek into Oliver’s life and the strange behaviour of the adults he is surrounded by. As with every teenager, boredom drives Oliver to create drama in his own life but soon finds himself overwhelmed. The film is really very funny, despite dealing with serious issues such as infidelity and brain tumours, but what could be expected when the film was directed by IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade?

Submarine is Britain’s version of an arty French film. Instead of black coffee, we have tea on saucers and instead of cigarettes we have rain coats. Ayoade has done a good job in transporting the viewer into the ‘80s- the whole film is shot in a grainy film (resembling television of the time), Tate’s next door neighbour is part of a peculiar Eastern religion, and the music is just fab. I wasn’t alive in the ‘80s but I felt nostalgic. I’ll say little else because I don’t want to ruin the film for you, but go- I guarantee you will come out with a smile on your face.

Have you seen it yet? What did you think? Perhaps you disagree with me and found the whole thing annoying.


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