FILM REVIEW: Chalet Girl

Ed Westwick may be a hottie but even his sexy voice and charm couldn’t save this abominable film.

The worst film I have ever seen

Kim Matthews (Felicity Jones) lives with her clueless father and works in a fast-food restaurant. As a tomboy, Kim doesn’t fit the chalet girl model,

but when one of the girls breaks her legs, the agency is desperate and sends Kim. Kim finds it difficult to fit into the role- no one can believe she doesn’t ski. As a previous skate-border, Kim finally slides into snow-boarding, and gives more to the customers than required.

Chalet Girl is the absolute worst film I have ever seen, and I am not a film snob by any stretch of the imagination. Kim fits the typical plain-girl character, who eventually comes out of her shell. It’s not the predictability of the film which I found most annoying though. The actresses were awful, particularly Tamsin Egerton (plays Georgie), and the script was even worse. 15 minutes into the film, I felt I might murder if I heard the word ‘babes’ used once more. Even worse, the whole idea of the story is ridiculously flawed, as if families rich enough to own their own plane actually hang out with their chalet girls. Comedy would have been the only option to redeem this film, but the lame attempts at jokes fall flat on the face, the audience didn’t even smirk. The whole film was painful to watch and embarrassing for all involved in its production.


2 thoughts on “FILM REVIEW: Chalet Girl

    • Good choice. I am a big fan of Gossip Girl so I went to see Chalet Girl, even though I suspected it would be awful. Are you a Blair or Serena fan? x

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