Film review:NEVER LET ME GO

My rating: 8/10 Current IDMB rating: 7.4/10

Kathy (Carrie Mulligan), Ruth (Keira Knightley), and Tommy (Andrew Garfield) all attend Hailsham school- a boarding school in the idyllic countryside. The obvious love triangle ensues, but it takes a dark and painful twist when the children leave Hailsham and have to fulfil the reason of their creation. They are clones, created to become donors. Through Kathy’s relationship with her friends, and those she cares for in her position as a carer, the film examines the ethics behind the system. While our society hasn’t reaches these extremes, the film asks poignant questions about the limit that science will go to in order to increase life expectancy age.

Without thinking about the serious subject of the film, Never Let Me Go is a piece of art in its own right. The film is set nearly completely in the countryside, providing a beautiful set for the story. Art is found in the finer details too, like the film only has pastel colours, particularly for the main characters. The film is free from commercial and materialism, the clones, living outside of society, wear simple clothes, lovely woolen jumpers, decorating the cottage they live in with flowers, and have their groceries delivered, not in plastic bags, but  in wooden creates, straight from the dirty farmers hands.

The combination of art, interesting subject matter, and great performances by the cast, Never Let Me Go has been overlooked by the BAFTAs and Oscars.

The film is based on the book ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro


5 thoughts on “Film review:NEVER LET ME GO

  1. Very sad story to watch at 3 a.m. And it’s that kind of story you can’t get out of your head… I think we should never give up our life and resign to limits imposed by others, at all costs.

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