COULD YOU BE A RENAISSANCE WOMAN? (via The Creative Addiction Blog)

Here’s something to spark your creativity on this crisp Saturday morning. I’ve just read a post by one of my favourite bloggers. I’ve re-posted some of her stuff before, here’s another post of hers which has inspired me. Her post is actually about an article on Oprah’s website, a interview with Anna Rabinowicz, so really I’m just passing around the word. Read the article that Kimmie suggests on Oprah’s website and then follow up with ‘7 Ways to Spark Your Creativity’ (see link below). Anna Rabinowicz really is a renaissance woman, and nothing is stopping any of us becoming one too. So get out outside today and look for something which inspires you, from a pretty button, to some wrapping paper, or a quote, or an advert, or a song, anything that gives you that tingly feeling inside. You don’t have to be Mozhart, or Shakespeare or Monet to feel creative, it’s pips, just get in touch with your senses- touch something, hear something, see something. And let me know how you get on…

7 Ways to Spark Your Creativity:

Renaissance – a movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity. (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus) Every weekday morning at about 3:00 am I get an email from with tid bits of information regarding living a healthier lifestyle; ways to kick start your spiritual journey and even some inspirational articles for everyday living. Sometime during this week I got an email from the “Express Yourself” portion of the … Read More

via The Creative Addiction Blog


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