Film review: Tangled

Rated PG Starring Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi           Released 28 January 2011

IDMB rating 8.1/10                            My rating 9/10

All Disney films are good, but some of them are better, this film fits in to that category. This was the sentence I used to explain the film to one of my friends. Before I get to the plot, I want to explain this. The original director, Glen Keane, wanted the film to look like the good ol’ drawn ones. Although this film was Disney’s first fairytale CGI film, Keane went to great length to make it a work of art- literally. He was inspired by the Romantic painting, “The Swing” by Jean-Honore Fragonard. “A fairytale world has to feel romantic and lush, very painterly”, and although this sounds odd, this is exactly what was achieved. I really, really loved the all of the drawings, from the princess’ tiara, to the tower she was locked in, and, especially the flowers. By the time I left the cinema, I was dying to paint some flowers. If you’re in to art, then this film will be like a visual orgasm.

I am also a fan of 3D but I am not a fan of films which do not use 3D to enhance the film. The best scene of this film is when the King and Queen, and their kingdom, set off loads of Chinese lanterns, it’s amazing in 3D.

Ok now on to the nitty gritty. The film follows the life of Rapunzel, a girl with magic hair, who is kept captive in a tower. Her mother never lets her leave the tower because she needs to protect her special gift. Unbeknown to Rapunzel she is actually a princess. About to turn 18, Rapunzel is desperate to see the outside world when Flynn Rider drops into her life. Flynn has just stolen the princess’ tiara, and needs somewhere to lay low while his partners in crime, plus the royal guards are hot on his toes. The film is full of catchy songs, great characters and funny scenes– I’ve posted a video below for a sneak peek. I’ve found it difficult to find anything wrong with the film, there are, of course, little niggling things, but really this is a great film, that I would recommend for anyone.

The dual lead characters, Flynn and Rapunzel, make the film appeal to both girls and boys (and women and men). The Princess and the Frog didn’t do as well in the box office because the film only appealed to girls. I took my boyfriend to see this film and he loved it just as much as me.


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