The sixth sense

People say a picture is worth a thousand words- it turns out 6 words can make a whole story. My creative writing teacher was drumming this into us on Wednesday. I agreed with her mostly, don’t say your character is nervous, describe how it feels to be nervous so your reader will work it for themselves, blah blah blah. The week before we each had to write our whole life story in 100 words, baring in mind some of the people in my class are retired, it wasn’t an easy task but I have to say I thought mine was quite good. I didn’t realise quite how much she wanted us to cut out of our writing until she gave us this example:


It says it all,  those six words invoke so many feelings of sadness and pain. You imagine what happened to the baby, how the baby died. how the parents felt, was there a funeral? . I can’t remember who wrote it but whoever it was didn’t just hit the nail on the head but slammed it in all the way.

This got me thinking, could you sum up your life or even a day or your personality is six words and tell the whole story?


Keep the faith,



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